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This is where you will learn ALOT of stiff in ADOPT ME ROBLOX!this is a wiki for my roblox group"as funny as ever"ADOPT ME is one of the most POPULAR GAME in roblox!go flower me on roblox if you like to QwQ username:funnylikeboo

Important articles[edit | edit source]

1.You have to be a good trader,sometime you will just make a big fat mistake and then you will just lost ALL your pets!(scammers)think about this-if a person is offering 2 ulrat rares and they want a legendary from that,is it a good trade?..NO,because a legendry is WAY BETTER then 2 OR 3 OR 4 ulart rares(it will be worth it if the pet was neon and the pet is very special,like-neon flamingo or other neons from the jungle egg)

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